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Autumn Community


Fall has got to be the most amazing time of the year!!

A time where you spend the afternoon watching the sunset as the leaves fall down from the trees.

A time where you're so careless that you can't find the time to worry or complain.

The moments where you find yourself on the porch
watching time pass by and wishing things would always remain this way.

To all of us fall holds a completely different meaning,
but one common truth is we all feel passionate about it.

Therefore, take some time and post some entries with your thoughts
and what you envision when you think of fall..

Feel free to post your stories, writings, art, memories, photos, graphics, poetry, songs, recipes, icons, etc.


Simple Rules

•All pictures and entries must be related to Autumn, otherwise will be deleted.
•Please post all pictures behind a cut, with the exception for one teaser pic that is no larger than 600x600 pixels(pictures behind the cut have no size restraints).
•Any form of advertising or spam is completely forbidden, even if it is associated with fall.
•Do not post entries with offensive or vulgar icons--this is supposed to be a family friendly and safe for work community.
•No criticizing or drama of any kind or you will be banned from the community!!

In order to make sure all entries are appropriate and that each rule is met,
•All entries are to be approved by the maintainer before being posted in the community.

•If you have any questions or you wish to report someone, please contact the maintainer.


This community was originally created by photographer Melina Byrne.
antiques, apple cider, apple cinnamon, apple pie, apples, autumn, autumn colors, autumn nights, back to school, backpacks, baking, barns, blankets, bonfires, books, breezes, brown, buses, campfires, candles, candy, candy corn, cats, celtic music, changes, changing seasons, childhood, childhood memories, cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, classical, classical music, clouds, cold, corn, corn on the cob, cornmazes, costumes, country, country living, crafts, crows, danny elfman, dead grass, desks, dulce, earth tones, exams, fall, fall leaves, falling leaves, family gatherings, feasts, feathers, fireplaces, forests, friends, get togethers, green apples, halloween, halloween costumes, harvest, harvest season, hay, hayrides, herbal tea, homework, horses, hot apple cider, hot chocolate, hot tea, indian corn, instrumental music, jack o lanterns, jack o' lanterns, jackets, laughter, leaf, leaf piles, leaves, make believe, maple leaf, maple trees, memories, mischief night, mountains, mulled cider, mulled wine, music, nature, nostalgia, november, october, oil lamps, oktoberfest, orange, orange spice tea, otoño, paper lanterns, parties, pebbles, pencils, peppermint tea, photography, pie, playing, porches, pumpkin pie, pumpkins, quilts, rain, raking, raking leaves, reading, recipes, red, red apples, scarecrows, scarves, scenery, school, school buses, seasons, september, sewing, simplicity, straw, studying, sweaters, tea, teachers, tests, thanksgiving, the breeze, the cold, the country, the wind, traveling, trees, turtleneck sweaters, turtlenecks, university campuses, vernal equinox, vivaldi's four seasons, warm tones, warmth, wind, writing, yankee candles, yellow

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